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B2416280000 – Bạc ốp dao JUKI LK-1900BN

  • Bạc ốp dao JUKI LK-1900BN
  • Mã phụ tùng (Part No.): B2416280000
  • Phụ tùng đời máy:AB-1351, AB-1360, LK-1900, LK-1900A, LK-1900AN SERIES, LK-1900B Series, LK-1900BN Series, LK-1900S Series, LK-1903A/BR35, LK-1903AN/BR35, LK-1903B/BR35, LK-1903BN/BR35, AMS-205C/206C, AMS-210D, AMS-210E, AMS-210EN SERIES, AMS-210ENHL2210/TF10S, AMS-215C/AMS-215P, AMS-220C/AMS-220P, AMS-220CGS/AMS-220CGB, AMS-221D/AMS-215D, AMS-221E/IP-410, AMS-221EN/IP-420, AMS-221ENTS-3020, AMS-221F, AMS-223C, AMS-224C, AMS-224E/IP-410, AMS-224EN/IP420, AMS-224EN4530R/AW3, AMS-251, LK-1910/LK-1920/MC592, LK-1910,LK-1920/MC676, LK-1930, LK-1941/LK-1942, AMS-224EN4530R, AMS-224EN6060/IP-420