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22918072 – Cần giật chỉ JUKI DDL-900B

  • Cần giật chỉ JUKI DDL-900B
  • Mã phụ tùng (Part No.): 22918072
  • Phụ tùng đời máy: DDL-5550N SERIES, DDL-5550N-7 SERIES, DDL-5556N-7-WB, DDL-5570N/DDL-5580N SERIES, DDL-5571N/DDL-5581NDDL-5571N/DDL-5581N, DDL-8100B-7/DDL-8100B-7R, DDL-8100e, DDL-8700 SERIES, DDL-8700-7/DDL-8700A-7, DDL-8700B-7, DDL-900A, DDL-900B/DDL-900BB, DLD-5430N/DLD-5430N-7, DLM-5200N, DLM-5400N-7 SERIES, DLN-5410 SERIES/DLN-5410N SERIES, DLN-5410N-7/DLN-5410NH-7/DLN-5410NJ-7, DLU-5490N SERIES/DLU-5490N-7 SERIES, DLU-5494N-7, DMN-5420N-7, AE-200A, AP-876